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The HANDS Product Solutions were created because countless health care errors occur each year with poor communication being cited as a cause in nearly 70% of fatal and near fatal errors. The annual expenditure for health care errors has been estimated at $17 billion and covers inappropriate care and the actions taken to fix mistakes.  Medical records available today are not designed to help all members of the patient’s health care team easily understand the “big picture” of care and to build on it.  Instead, the format and words used to convey patient care information vary widely across organizations and electronic vendor products that must differentiate to compete. 

This lack of standardization perpetuates errors of “misinterpretation” across team members who are never all present at the same time and yet are expected to be of one mind about the goals of care.  Clinicians consequently struggle cognitively to interpret the meaning and importance of information that appears in various formats and words. 

HANDS Products have been designed to address this gap. We offer a fully tested vendor/system neutral communication tool. The HANDS Clinical Solution is dynamic in that it provides the standardized “big picture” synopsis of the patient’s care to date that includes the path being taken to achieve expected outcomes and, the processes of documenting and communicating it at hand-offs.
Care plans have been a requirement of the Joint Commission since the late 1970s as a mechanism to help keep nurses and the entire health care team working toward common patient goals.  To date, however, organizations have had little success in making the “care plan” a valuable tool in day-to-day practice.  To bring value, the care plan must contain valid, useful, and current information.  The HANDS Clinical Solution makes it simple and easy to maintain the plan, supports the interdisciplinary team’s communication while enabling the nurse, who is the front line coordinator of patient care, to receive and transmit information to ensure accurate information flow.

The HANDS Clinical Solution thus is the communication integrator that maintains the collective mind of the interdisciplinary team.  

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