HANDS Clinical Solution is the FIRST technology supported Plan of Care Method to:

  • make available the entire NANDA, NOC, and NIC terminologies for use in representing nursing diagnoses, outcomes, and interventions
  • meet Joint Commission 2006-07 Communication Goal for Hand-offs
  • provide a standardized format for use in communicating patient care information (short story of care) in a consistent format across settings
  • comply with ANA NIDSEC database standards for use in ensuring interoperability and examining relationships among diagnoses, interventions, and outcomes
  • require use of the Plan of Care/Plan of Care History to be integral part of clinician-to-clinician communication at hand-offs (report and other transitions)
  • provide the interdisciplinary team (and patient) with an easily accessible “Big Picture,” short story of the patients care and progress to date
  • provide an on-line training plan for implementation and evaluation of the Method
  • be developed extensively tested and refined under “real-time” conditions by nurse clinicians and scientists

The HANDS Clinical Solution electronic tool provides:

  • a current and historical "Big Picture" of care including the patient’s medical diagnoses, clinical problems, interventions, and progress toward desired outcome states (by episode)
  • easy, web-based (password protected) access to the POC by all members of the interdisciplinary team
  • continuous simple method of updating for to ensure accuracy of the plan at every nurse handoff (Scoring outcomes, resolving problems, adding new problems, recording and tallying interventions, locating terms)
  • a variety of search modes to support location of appropriate NANDA, NOC, and NIC terms (keyword, a-z, categorical, and linkages)
  • immediate access to the “book” concept definitions of every NANDA, NOC, and NIC term
  • flexibility in creating "starter" care plan templates specific to unit population
  • capability for capturing relevant nurse profile information, key
  • patient demographics, primary and secondary ICD9 coded medical and surgical diagnoses
  • compliance with HIPAA
  • HL7 approved response sets (NANDA, NOC, and NIC)
  • connection to any EHR through HL7 ADT feed
  • a web-based scalable (to multiple units, multiple sites) solution that is deployed through a standardized central server
  • standardized data repository that supports data analyses and benchmarking at the individual, unit, institution, and multiple institution levels (with patient and nurse anonymized data)
  • interoperability of data across units/organizations/institutions that use the HANDS
  • method of augmenting current paper and electronic documentation systems
  • potential of the HANDS to be selected and widely used as the preferred (vendor neutral) interdisciplinary plan of care component in electronic health records!
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