Dr. Keenan’s efforts, over the past 10 years, have achieved national recognition for HANDS, receiving several major awards:

Recent Honors/Awards

2003                 Recipient of the Annual Healthcare IT Innovator Award – voted by Healthcare Informatics editorial board and others
2004 Recipient of the Midwest Nursing Research Society Nursing Informatics Researcher of the Year Award.

Recipient Harriet Werley Award (November 2005).  “Paper making the greatest contribution to the advancement of nursing informatics.”  Promoting safe nursing care by bringing visibility to the disciplinary aspects of interdisciplinary care.  Fall American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) Conference.  

2006 Sharon Coleman Memorial Scholarship Award (July 2006) - “Most Influential to the Field” (Top Peer Reviewed Paper/Presentation).  The HANDS Project and Vision for Nursing Informatics. Summer Institute for Nursing Informatics, University of Maryland.

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